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A great companion to your Motoactv fitness tracker and an essential download if you have an Android smart phone and a Motoactv fitness tracker. The only problem we have with this app is that it is not available on Apple devices.

When it was first released, one of the biggest gripes that Android phone owners had with the Motoactv was its inability to sync with Android phones that weren’t Motorola branded. What an oversight from the Moto Men! However, the guys over at Motorola have now addressed this, and they’re bringing the full-blown app experience to all Android smart phones. That’s right, you can now sync your Motoactv with any Android smart phone, not just Motorola ones!

Now that the phone app is accessible to all Android owners, it’s high team we did a review of the app to let you know if it’s worth getting. Read on to find out whether the Motoactv app is worth your time…

Ratings on the app store

These user ratings were taken from the Google Play store:

motoactv app ratings

Hmmm… seems a lot of people only thought the app was worth 1 star. This is not an encouraging start for Motorola.

When you dig a bit deeper into the review though, you start to see a pattern emerging, and that pattern was nicely summed up in this user review:

Motoactv user review 5 star

I’ve scoured through pages of the user reviews and what I’ve noticed is that people who gave the app a 1 star review were people who have a Motorola Droid phone and who are unhappy about the fact they can’t delete the app from the phone. Clearly Motorola are so keen to have you using their products that they don’t let you delete it even if you want to! Some examples below, note that the phone in use on all these examples was a Motorola Droid:

motoactv user review 2

motoactv user review 3

motoactv user review 4

To be fair, when we actually start to look at reviews from people who DON’T have a Motorola Droid, who haven’t had the app forced on them and have downloaded it voluntarily, the picture’s slightly different:

motoactv user review 6

And on and on the pattern goes, the people who give it 1* are people who probably don’t have a Motoactv, and have had the app forced on them by owning a Motorola Droid phone. But, the people who own other phones, who have voluntarily downloaded the app becuase they own a Motoactv, tend to love it. So, I think in all fairness the app deserves a bit more than 2 stars, its average has obviously been pulled down by users who didn’t want the app but were forced to have it by owning a Droid phone.

On to the App itself…

The app itself is laid out nicely in the Motoactv’s native red and black coloring. From the home screen you can see your latest workout, a mini calendar view of the week, and links to add and plan workouts, track your weight or see the settings page.

motoactv app screen 1

You can view detailed views of individual training sessions, the bar at the top giving you top line data like time and distance and the graph at the bottom giving you a visual representation of your workout. Pretty neat stuff and very handy to be able to view this on your phone.

motoactv app screen 2

You can also pull up a detailed view of the route you took, which pulls up a map view with your route clearly marked out on it.

motoactv app screen 3

The app also lets you track the music you have been listening to while training. For each song you played, you can see your average speed during that track, calories burned and your heart rate (assuming you have also bought a compatible heart rate monitor).

motoactv app screen 4

A great feature of the app is that you can plan workouts and send them straight to your Motoactv from your phone, no need to connect up to a PC.

motoactv app plan workouts screen

You can also use the app to track your ‘wellness’, i.e. the calories burned and steps taken each day.

motoactv app wellness screen on android

You can check out your history, for both your training performance and also your music playing:

motoactv app history screen

Appalling musical taste, I know, call it the ‘guilty pleasures’ playlist!

motoactv app music history page

Phone Syncing – Calls and Texts

My favorite part about the Motoactv android app is its call and text message syncing capabilities. When you’re slaving away in the middle of your workout, any calls and texts that come in on your phone will be routed to your Motoactv automatically. You can then see who’s calling on your Motoactv’s screen, and choose to accept or reject the call, right from your Motoactv. You need to have a headset with microphone plugged in to the Motoactv to be able to take calls, as the unit itself does not include a speaker or microphone. When you have something like the Motorola S10-HD Wireless Headset plugged in, the whole system works really well for listening to music and taking calls when needed. Text messages pop up as a notification on your Motoactv’s screen, which you can then read straight form your device during your workout.

Overall Impressions

The app is well laid out and provides some awesome features that you couldn’t get without it. If you have a Motoactv and an Android phone, there is absolutely no reason to forego this app, it’s virtually essential! Phone call routing and planning workouts and syncing via your phone are definitely the killer features here.

A great companion to your Motoactv fitness tracker and an essential download if you have an Android smart phone and a Motoactv fitness tracker. The only problem we have with this app is that it is not available on Apple devices.

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  • Mr. Unsure June 4, 2012 at 12:00 am -

    Is it required to carry your phone with you in order to receive text and calls when working out while wearing the Motoactv?

    • Darren June 4, 2012 at 12:14 pm -

      Yep. You can let the phone stray a little bit away from the Motoactv, but ideally you need the phone and Motoactv to be within about 10 metres of each other for the syncing to work.

  • Margaret August 8, 2012 at 4:46 am -

    I am having trouble syncing my thunderbolt with my motoactv. Do you have any suggestions?